Sunday, December 2, 2018

Happy Birthday Aditeya

2nd Dec 2000 at 12 Noon - My baby boy was born, a handful handsome baby boy full of wonder in his eyes. Of all the things my hands have ever held, the best is you. You came and gave me a new sense of being.

I have never explained my parenting choices to anyone. I have repeated my words with increased rage and volume and many a times I have been hard and harsh as well.Nothing in these years were easy for you or for me, but we made it one step at a time.We had a good life, we now have a collection of good memories.  I am immensely proud of the way you have made it through school with flying colors of course and emerged as a person with a strong sense of character.

Then comes a  day when I had to let you go to pursue higher education. Though you are an hour away by distance and a swipe away for a call, the vacuum that I experience  every time  you walk out of my door ...can't be explained in words. Such is life!

Today as you turn 18,wherever the journey of life takes you, uphold the values you were raised with and most of all stay safe. Enjoy the ride, savour the moments.
Experiences could  be good or bad or ugly, learn something out of it anyway.
Count your blessings & be grateful.Gratitude is an attitude I believe. We do not know how abundantly blessed we are.

As you move forward, stay humble & focus on your purpose of life.No matter how far you may go remember your way back home. There is a family and a loving home waiting for you, always and forever.
Happy birthday Aditeya :)


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