My name is Vidhya, . I cook and bake and share them in portions always , hence the name A PORTION TO SHARE.I live in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Marraige to Viju Govind got me here from India...and we have two children Aditeya and Aditi.
Our  home was not built in a day ......each one of us  put in our  fair share to love &  live together as a family.

Though I love cooking, officially I started off on my own after marriage. I was my own boss, that truly boosted my confidence in the kitchen. Dubai One was the only channel that was available on tv ( the rest were arabic) and every morning diligently my son and me sat down to watch Martha Stewart cook and bake and organise ......I watched her shows in awe and that's when I got hooked onto baking...... With many many failed experiments behind me - I guess I can bake quite well now.In the meantime I  learnt cake decorating as well....

The thought of blogging came a year ago......a friend pushed me to do it. My pictures are all original, I used Viju's Nikon D60 all along until he changed it to Nikon D3200. Trust me am very comfortable taking pictures on my smart phone,Samsung SII.
I try out a lot of recipes on the net and if I blog them I ensure I give the author due credit.

Thank you for visiting my page. If u wish to contact me ,drop me a line at vidhyavgovind@gmail.com. Will reply for sure.

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  1. Beautiful cute Family :) Nice to read about you and Whoa martha stewart is my favorite one :) :) :) Nice and loving friend :)