Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Beginning !

I am a regular follower of several blogs ,but the thought of creating one for myself crossed my mind very recently. I know I lack the discipline of a blogger - would try however to keep this going.I did a lot of search for an appropriate name and finally concluded with "A Portion to Share" :)

My focus is to write on food and recipes, maybe add a little bit of this and that too. I love to cook and baking is truly a passion which i now think has become addictive. I call this post The Beginning as i seem to be wishing all the luck in the world to myself ........:))


  1. am so so glad you finally took the plunge! Now i can come here for all my baking
    ! Going to be a regular follower and also will add you to my blogroll, which you can see on the bottom right panel of the blog. Hoping you will get time to blog often! Great start!

  2. vidya.

    nice piece of writing..and simple steps too, towards the art of baking. we are your fans already you know...

    And the poem by the unknown author is indeed thought provoking. Add more of it.. to make your blog spicy..too..


    JP mam

  3. Vidya.

    It was so refreshing (And tempting) reading your blog.
    Great effort Girl. But then you are soo talented, this is just a medium for you and the apt one.
    Keep up the good work and send something chocolatie by fedex soon. ;)

    Love Ya

  4. hey vidu..
    Am impressed!!!!!
    way to go really happy for u..
    will surely try all those yummy recipes u have posted..:)but i dont know y u never mentioned anywhere thats its from me u were inspired..;)..:P