Monday, October 31, 2011

Cake : Icing

Take 10  - A whimsical look at life...

Reasons why cake is better than icing:)

These views exclusively belong to MARCUS DUDLEY,Director Food & Beverage,Movenpick Hotel,Jumeirah Beach,Dubai as told to Ms.Hina Navin,a Dubai based freelancer, duly published in the Friday Magazine - the weekend supplement that comes along with Gulf News.

Over to the reasons...................................

  1. My father used to tell me "If you like the look of the icing,you better hope the cake is as good or better." To me that sounds like positive thinking.
  2. Cake is like life - textured and with different flavors and colors.Icing on the other hand is just plain sweet.
  3. Eating too much cake only fills you up,but eating too much icing can make you feel sick.
  4. When the icing's gone you are still left with the cake.
  5. You cant judge a cake by its icing.And that's a good lesson in life. 
  6. Icing wont keep you warm on a winter's night,but the cake might.
  7. You think more icing on the cake is better but when you get down to it,you wish you had more of the cake instead.
  8. When on a diet, you can still eat the cake without the icing and convince yourself that you did the right thing.
  9. Cakes come in such an amazing variety,while icing is always the same.
  10. Last but not the least,the icing will melt away but the core - the cake - will stay.


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  1. :( baking is still ok.. i dont know wehn i will decorate my cake like this!!