Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mango Chutney-Sweet Sour

On a visit to the local market, we saw an old man selling some of his farm produce like melons, onions,greens such as mint, coriander & curry leaves, brinjals, fresh dates etc.Am sure they are organic too.
The raw mangoes were really firm &  really raw and  the freshness of it all made us pick up a few. Used it for fish curry....and  had some more left. So, mango thokku pickle came to my mind. As I started off - I decided on making  a sweet sour chutney instead. The chutney is done and bottled - now set for cooling :)

This is how I made it....... washed the peeled  mango and wiped it with a paper towel to remove moisture& grate it fine like this .Mix in salt as appropriate.
Grated mango would be about 1.5 cups appox.

The next step is to heat about 5 tablespoons of sesame oil , add  a teaspoon of mustard seeds. When they splutter add a teaspoon of turmeric & the grated mango and saute on medium heat till the moisture leaves out of the mango and they all get to stick together. Keep stirring and make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Now add about 4 tablespoons of  pickle powder ( I have used the brand Eastern here) 2 teaspoons of red chilli powder and a teaspoon of Jeera powder.

As they get mixed the oil starts separting at the corners as shown in the picture. Now add a 1'' Block of Jaggery/Gud. While adding just break it into pieces as they melt in easily. Let it simmer for 2 minutes. The mix would now look a shade darker & the oil will show up at the sides. It is time to take off the heat and bottle the chutney.

Tip: This recipe has a balanced taste of sweet - sour - spice. The proportion could vary according to individual tastes. Any which ways, this would taste really well with rotis,pooris and parathas as well.


  1. looks so enticing, reminds me of chunda my mom used to make. great color.

  2. slurp! I have one green mango at home and this would be a perfect way to enjoy it.