Tuesday, December 13, 2011

White Cup Cakes

I got down to peep into my pantry and found that it required some clean up.Stacking and storing bothers me so much that I do this often so that nothing piles up. The outcome of the exercise were some decorated cupcakes  like these......................

 Instant cake mix is something I don't buy as I bake a lot of cakes myself.  Don't remember when I picked this.Besides the box I had a batch of butter cream left , and didn't seem it wise to leave it behind in the refrigerator anymore.
So, first I baked the cake as per the instructions on this box.

This box gave me  a 24 mini cup cakes and 24 micro mini cup cakes ( I just made up that name :P) and a small 6" cake too.
The butter cream was brought to the piping consistency, added color and here are  the results........

Happy I managed a clean up. Happy kids enjoyed them. And, I need to brush up my butter cream decorating skills.:)


  1. Ohhh beautiful and lovely...Looks perfect dear.

  2. Love the colorful frosting! Micro min cupcakes look so inviting!

  3. Hi there..
    The buttercream frosting looks perfect...wat a creative way to use ur box cakes :-)

    First time here...u have a lovely blog...


  4. Wow! Vidhs this looks amazing and so perfect. Please do a step by step tutorial next time for people like me.
    Season's Greetings to you and family!!