Saturday, January 7, 2012

Banoffee Pie

The Sweet Punch baking adventure continues.... what I like most is the fact that we participate and bake a recipe which we would have always wanted to do , yet would put it off for another day. These Sweet punch recipes creates an initiative to bake.At the same time when we look at the round up its a whole new learning experience,not to miss the comments which is truly encouraging for a baker !
Happy New year everybody ....................!!
January Punch is Banoffee Pie adapted from Swapna's Cuisine. The origins of this amazing dessert is well explained in Wikipedia.
Banoffee Pie

Melt 100 grams of butter in a pan & add it to 300 grams of powdered digestive biscuits ( I have used the sugar free biscuits here) Mix well.
Line a pie dish with this mixture and place it in the fridge to set ,else bake it for about 10 minutes at 160 degrees (gas oven) just as I did to make a crispy crust.
Now for the Dulce de leche -  Swapna has guided us how to make this at home. I have a  book marked  recipe showing step by step instructions to make this in a microwave.I managed to pick a can off the shelf, so didn't bother to make it. Spread this on the crust.
Love the yellow bananas as they don't darken easily.

Place the sliced bananas evenly on the caramel coated crust.
Cover with whipped cream.
I have used the stabilized whipped cream  to pipe these stars.
The round patch at the center is a mix of instant coffee powder and brown sugar.

I link this post to ABC Series- Desserts hosted by Ramya


  1. step by step pics are very useful. nice recipe and clicks. thanks for linking with my event

  2. This looks yummy..Delicious


  3. Super delicious pie,lovely and simply irresistible..

  4. Looks great...I love fresh fruit pies like these...Happy New Year dear!


  5. Ijust came across your blog and Ilove it .Ilove Indian food too .
    jsut a question Ihave a blog on blogspot and Iam not able to put an index for my recipes ,how do we do that??
    My blog is spices and colors
    ihave anothe one called saveurs chanteliennes

  6. Thank you for trying this recipe and for the kind mention and link back Vidhya!

  7. Nice idea, picking up the dulce de leches off the shelf.. drastically reduces the preparation time. Mouthwatering pie!