Monday, January 2, 2012

Choco Vanilla Gateau

2011 passed by and here we are in 2012  a brand new year !!! Wishing all my friends and family across the globe a very happy new year ! May the new year bring you good health, love, joy and peace...God Bless !
With all the preparations ahead , we welcomed the new year with this Choco Vanilla Gateau.

To assemble this gateau the Vanilla Sponge and the French Butter Cream was kept ready...........and here we go........
First cut the sponge into half in a way that's convenient, I always pass a thread through the cake to get an even slice.I am comfortable using this springform pan to assemble - just to avoid the mess.
Place the first layer at the bottom. Spray the sponge with water from a spray bottle or pat with a brush. As a normal practice the sponge is soaked with sugar syrup. The butter cream is sweet enough and hence I used water to balance the taste as the purpose is to make the sponge moist since they usually appear dry. 

Spread the butter cream on it - use a piping bag for a better finish if you have the time. With an offset spatula spread it evenly.
Place the second layer of sponge, spray water and cover it up with the butter cream and set it to cool in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. This step only helps in getting the ring off neatly. When I run short of time, I can't handle the stress of doing a touch up :)
Whip up some whipping cream, and cover the cake on the sides.....I managed to decorate with a few sprinkles just to add color.
Ignore the calories and enjoy the slice - every bite is heavenly!!! its new year after all - plan a work out later :)) 
Happy New Year once again ! 


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  2. Cake luks stunning...Happy new year 2012

  3. wow...that looks absolutely delicious....drooling over the pics...wishing u n ur family a very happy new year !

  4. Happy New Year! What an elegant and tasty dessert this is. You did a wonderful job of decorating, very unique-Buzz buzz. I wish you all the best in 2012!

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  7. Beautifully decorated cake. I am sure you must have had a blast welcoming the new year with this!