Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spicy Red Chicken Curry

A busy month kinda coming to an end in a week. Kids finish their exams today and  though it is a  reason to celebrate,  a surprise chicken curry is always adds delight.Hence,the Spicy Red Chicken Curry ...

Ingredients for the marinade
500 gms Chicken medium sized  pieces to marinated in a paste of  -
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsps red chilly powder
1/2 tsp Black pepper powder.
salt as appropriate
1 tsp vinegar
1 tsp coconut oil
 Set aside for minimum 30 minutes or overnight if time available
 In a flat bottomed pan - place the chicken pieces in it and let it cook on slow heat. Add water only if the pieces are sticking at the base. Keep it covered and the chicken would cook in its own juices. Turn over once and  let it stay for another 10 minutes.There would be stock in it ,let it be, take off heat and set aside.

Ingredients for the gravy
Whole garam masalas - clove,cardamom, cinnamon
 2 large onions finely sliced
Crush together a small piece of ginger, 4-5 pods of garlic and 2-3 green chilly ( adjust as per the spice)
1 medium sized tomato finely diced or pureed
Oil to fry
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp chilly powder
2 tsps coriander powder
2 tbsps of Coconut milk powder
About 10 cashew kernels
 For the seasoning - 2 tbsps of coconut oil, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 2 Red chilly whole, a sprig of curry leaves, a pinch each of Cumin seeds, fennel seeds(saunf) & fenugreek seeds - half a teaspoon heaped red chilly powder.

  • Heat oil and  let the whole spices splutter. Add onions and fry until they turn pale. Add the crushed ginger garlic and green chilly  and fry until the onions turn light brown. Add tomatoes and cook until oil separates.
  •  Now add the spice powders all three of them. Mix well and add a little water if necessary to make sure they are all mixed well. Keep sauteing until oil separates.
  •  The cooked chicken will have some stock in it - pour the stock first and stir it all into a gravy. Once blended well, add the chicken pieces and let it simmer on slow heat.
  • While the chicken simmers, make a fine paste of cashew and coconut milk powder in a blender and add it to the gravy. Stir well, check salt at this point , adjust salt as appropriate. You may add warm water and to adjust the consistency of the gravy and allow it to simmer for about 5 minutes on very low heat.
  •  Now for the seasoning , heat oil and add mustard seeds. when they sputter add the whole red chilly, as they heat up, reduce heat and add the cumin ,fenugreek and fennel seeds to it. Turn off the heat and add the red chilly powder. Let it stay for a few seconds until they turn deep red. Toss in curry leaves and pour over the gravy.
Important: Please adjust spice according to taste. I say this because the cashew coconut powder paste can reduce the spice, therefore balance as what best suits your palette.

Serve hot with rice or rotis.


  1. Vidh.....this looks so so tempting and beautiful colour for the gravy

  2. Adipoli chicken curry love it.

  3. Vidhya this is too good, very tempting curry, book-marking it love it so so much

  4. Lip smacking curry... Love spicy curries. Would love to come over

  5. Vids ijst tryd it with mutton n its just superb! Thank u dear. God Bless u n keep them comn ! Hugs Jo

  6. Vidsi jst tryd this with mutton and its superb! Thank u keep them comn dear Hugs Jo