Friday, December 2, 2011

Club Penguin Cake

CLUB PENGUIN is a very popular role playing online game, a big hit with kids. It annoys me to see them play but at times I let go as it is also a phase that they have to outgrow on their own.Hence the theme  for my son's birthday cake...........

I made a simple chocolate cake - with vanilla butter cream filling,made fondant and made these figures.It took me about five hours to put them all together,the end result is good - but I think I could've made it better.

UAE celebrates its 40th National Day today.The nation has this festive look for over a week -its now the day of pride and a parties. My daughter born here in Feb 2003 joins the celebrations in true spirit ..
The colors on her clip are of the UAE Flag - she used it for her dance at school and has not taken it off yet.

And my son, celebrates his 11th birthday.
‎2nd December 2000 , the date I mark as a milestone in my life first baby was born.

  • Vee and me became DAD n MUM,
  • Achacha n Ammachi became great grand parents ,
  • Ma & Pa became grandparents,
  • Munnu became Mama, 
  • Anu became Maasi,
  • Theju became Moothamma,
  • Bobby attan became Velliachan........ So many first timers..the list is long.

Many wanted a girl and of the lot there were 2 people who sat with pride it was a boy..Achacha n Viju.

He changed our lives.He SURELY changed mine......HAPPY BIRTHDAY bumble bee:))Happy Birthday baby................God Bless!!


  1. Very cute cake-love the penguins! I am sure your son enjoyed the cake-happy 11th birthday to him! Also have a great UAE National day celebration.

  2. Very cute penguins..A very happy Birthday to Adit,your mom has done a fabulous job,dear!!
    Loved reading the first timers,same ges with my son,when he was born..first milestone to many!!
    Ongoing Event -Christmas Delicacy (15 Nov-31 Dec 2011)
    Erivum Puliyum