Monday, December 12, 2011

Coriander - Mint Chutney

There was a time when I made this chutney & replaced it everytime it got over. Then ,I kinda got over it.....just to brush my memory I made this again :)

Well, this chutney is a blend of fresh mint, fresh coriander,slice of ginger,pods of garlic, green chilly, some sugar and lime juice and salt as appropriate to balance it all. I am told tomato and tamarind can be used as well instead of lime juice to make it tangy...........well next time :)
Kids love it with a slice of bread and butter,I do serve it with hot pakodas........use it anyways u seem right !


  1. I love the flavour of coriander and can have this chutney with anything!Simple and good, Vidhya! :)

    ABout the pizza, believe me, the crust recipe is practical and you can never go wrong with it! since we make it prior, it again eases the final work.
    Once you start baking this, you would think twice before you pick up your phone to order in dominos or pizza hut! No joking here! :)

  2. Chutney looks super yum... Loved the dazzling green colour of the dip..:))