Monday, December 12, 2011

Pickling Lime

Last Friday I picked some cute looking lime from the supermarket. They are always handy,and usually are not available when we really need them:) And there have been times when I have kept them stored in the fridge and completely forgotten about it :(  
Therefore I decided on pickling them while fresh before they fade out of my busy memory!
I cut the lime into wedges and cut then up further into idea of filling the bottle I have chosen for it to stay.Just tossed in some bird chilly for taste. Fill the pieces into the bottle with salt in between.

Bottled on 09.12.2011
What I will now do is shake this bottle everyday......for about 2+ weeks.
The bottled lime as on 31.12.2011

This could be used for making lime pickle later on.......


  1. Love pickled lemons!! I need to do this too, and now I finally have a recipe :D