Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fooderati Arabia

Fooderati Arabia - in their own words is :Food Bloggers in the UAE, banded together with their common love - and in most cases - obsession with eating, cooking, photographing, reviewing, shopping, debating, and doing everything else imaginable in the universe of food!

Now how did I get there?????  Well, I read an article What's all the blog about? in the November issue of the Aquarius Magazine ( a Gulf news Publication).

I looked up the food blogger Sally Prosser's page,loved it  and posted my comments.In her reply she invited me to join this groupon facebook.

My request was duly accepted by Arva Ahmed ...........and here is what she posted on facebook wall.!!

We rejoice if you're a new blogger from Dubai. We go crazy ballistic if you're one of those rare new bloggers from Abu Dhabi. And if you're a food blogger from Fujairah...


Vidhya, you're our first Fooderati in Fujairah (God that sounds so good.), and we're all revved up to read all about your curries, snacks, cakes, cookies and everything else that you've dished out on your blog. You DO have the discipline and what it takes to be a blogger, and you (and those cheesy chicken curry puffs) are gonna fit right in with Fooderati Arabia!

Welcome to the group Vidhya, you and your blog A Portion to Share have officially brought Fujairah into our Fooderated Union!

Fooderati - welcome cheer...and standing ovation please. and yes, you're being watched ;)

[Sally - thanks for connecting us to our first Fujoodie.]

Boy - isn't the title Fujoodie - cute !! :) am feeling like a princess already.........reading this and a string of welcome comments from fellow members...........

There is this one person Karishma who blogs on EFFORTLESS COOKING.EASY BAKING. We met by chance by me liking her facebook page....we exchanged mails and discovered we were related:)
It was she who truly pushed me to blog or to put it rightly - she gave me the confidence to start a blog,which i did very reluctantly in May 2011. ...and haven't looked back:) Thank u karishma !!!
It was a task finding the right name and then when I looked up Blogger.com the page turned up in Arabic....it took me sometime to get the page in place and I still have a lot to do. I have made some good friends around the globe.............and now around the region too........
My husband ,kids and me have lived in Fujairah since Nov 2001. And we have seen it grow step by step over these years. Four years ago, we started a small Company - Green Solutions Environmental services - an environmental consultancy business. We lost ,we gained,we taught, we learnt....its been a great experience. 

We decided to slowly expand our office to Sharjah, the name for the trade license ( as per the rules here ) got confirmed this morning................and we got the name we wanted to retain.

In the evening I get this recognition as a first  food blogger from Fujairah in the group Fooderati Arabia.......

Viju,my husband celebrates his birthday today....."Happy Birthday Vee"

So...........quite a happy day !! looking forward for more:)


  1. Cheers for Vidhya, It is a day to celebrate. I don't even know where Fujairah is. Do I have to look up now? Is it very hot in there? Well, we came to Dubai last December and my sis in law gave us blanket at night and we had the fan on.
    It was my pleasure to make you friend.

  2. Wow, what a happy set of events! Happy birthday to your hubby, congrats on retaining the company name, and welcome again to Fooderati Arabia! Was so excited to see this post and know that you enjoyed the welcome. Every member is super special and a leader in their own ways, and every new person inspires existing members in some way or another, so we're very lucky to have you join.


  3. Congratulations on everything you're celebrating today and welcome to FiA!!!
    You're another in a list of people whom I know who live in Fujairah. There's a really nice American couple who moved recently from Dubai to Fuj and while they don't have a dedicated food blog, they're massssive foodies and love trying out new places. You can check out their blog here though: http://livingthetravelchannel.wordpress.com/
    See you around FiA :)

  4. Lovely and a great day for you... Enjoy!!!

  5. I loved that word of Arva's too - Fujoodie! - and glad that you liked it enough to write a blog post about it. Hopefully they'll be many 'fujoodie' experiences on the horizon.