Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doll Cake

Some days happen just once in our lifetime and it stays.Feb 3rd 2003 I had my baby girl.She jumped out  23 days earlier than scheduled and surprised us all.The thrill was having a girl baby after my son......She turned 9 two days ago.....time surely flies:)

For a change the demand for the cake didn't be Mermaid or Bratz or Hanna Montana......She said she was ok for a Doll cake.
The base is a rich chocolate cake with a layer of  Vanilla flavored Swiss Meringue Butter Cream (SMBC). I have realised that  I must chuck this weird habit of experimenting under pressure. Of course, the cake did turn out just the way I thought it should...........BUT,am way too exhausted to document the entire process...........uff...........but when your baby smiles back and goes ''wow''...........that's when you know you have done it!
So for the lovely evening - she had her friends Sayeh,Varsha & Siddartha over ......and here's a pretty pic.......Years later am sure they can look back and remember this day!
The bow on the dolls gown seems hidden behind the hair...........
Happy Birthday Princess:)  We love u darling!
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  1. Belated Birthday Wishes to your lil princess. The cake looks awesome.

  2. wow..awesome cake...happy bday to ur doll..


  3. happy birthday to your princess lovely cake

  4. wow! that's such a pretty cake! hats off to u! and many happy returns to ur lil princess!

  5. That is such a pretty doll cake for your doll :)

  6. WOW!! pretty cake and girl, Belated wishes for your daughter. Happy to follow u

  7. Oh my my what a lovely cake Vidhya!! My belated wishes to your li'l princess. Admire your cake making skills..Too good

  8. Wow, that is so pretty, a beautiful doll cake for such a doll of a girl..! :) Thanx for linkin it to the event. Looks lovely.. Loved it..!

    My event- Valentines Day Special