Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swiss Meringue Butter Cream

Swiss Meringue Butter Cream ( SMBC) - I have heard this many times over , watched the related videos and the thing with me is that I get the urge to try when am really under pressure. The results were fantastic and now there is no looking back...........wonder what stopped me from trying this before:P
The ingredients are simple - the key is the ratio....No matter what the measures - maintain the ratio 1:2:2
1 cup egg whites : 2 cups granulated sugar : 2 cups butter( or 2 sticks of butter each weighing 200gms)

Some recipes call for the ratio 1:2:3 - but tested and tried sources say 1:2:2 works well and for me the latter did. Cups here are the standard 250ml cup. The stick of butter used here weighs about 200gms each.Over to the process:
1. Wipe the stand mixer bowl ,the attachments and related tools with vinegar or lime juice to remove the grease if any.
2. In the bowl ,add the egg whites ,sprinkle salt, mix  the sugar in 3 parts - stirring with a wire whisk in between.The idea is have the sugar mixed into the egg whites completely leaving no lumps.
3. Place the bowl on a double boiler and stir continuously till the sugar dissolves completely. The test is to feel the liquid between the thumb and the forefinger to ensure that no grains are felt.
4.Take off the heat and hook on the whisk attachment of the stand mixer. Beat on high........until the mixture forms soft peaks.

At this point the mixture cools down and the bowl should be just warm to touch. Now switch over to the paddle attachment( am told the whisk works just fine too) and beat on high. Toss in the butter cube by cube till it all mixes well. This beating would take sometime as the the mixture might look flowy and  curdled in texture.
Waiting is the will all come together to form a lovely creamy soft and silky butter cream.
Any flavoring can be added........just beat for 30 seconds for it to mix evenly.Gel colors mix well too.
It is all so easy...........happy I made an effort & decided am gonna stick to this.
Thank u Mayen............for the inspirational videos Part 1 & Part 2




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  3. Hi - can you clarify how much butter please? two cups or two sticks? I am trying to convert the ingredients to grammes/ounces as I am in the UK - thanks!

    1. Hi Linda......well no matter what measure u choose - stick to the ratio 1:2:2...which is 1 part egg white , double the quantity sugar and butter.
      In this recipe i have used 2 sticks of butter each weighing 200gms.
      thanks for writing in - i shall edit that :)

  4. I know this is almost a year after your original post, but I just wanted to say thank you for giving the ratios! I finally have a batch of SMBC that is AMAZING! I only did few things different. 1) I did leave the whisk attachment on the whole time and 2) I kept the mixer on low while adding the butter. I ended up adding 1 extra stick of butter because my frosting was still too soft. I was about to give up when I decided I wouldn't loose anything if I sped up my mixer for a bit (medium speed) and walked away for about 5 minutes. When I returned to my mixer, to my astonishment, the SMBC was perfect! Lite, not to yellow, taste was to good for a "wanna be skinny person"! Again, thank you!