Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Capsicum & Onion Fritters

It's been a while that I blogged - being busy is an absurd excuse. Who isn't busy anyways?
Sometimes there are so many things that take away your attention and knowingly or unknowingly you just move with the flow..........No more ranting ..........:)
The weather has been warn all day& a lot cloudy.............the gloom is hard to handle ( I say gloom because am a lil messed up in the mind all day)...........but the changes in weather is something we are allowed to watch without a choice. To distract the gloom I made these Capsicum & Onion fritters for tea.

For the batter..
Mix 1.5 cups of besan( chickpea flour), a tsp of red chilly powder, a tsp of pepper powder, a pinch of hing( asafoetida), a pinch of kasuri methi,a tsp of cumin ( jeera) powder, salt to taste and water just enough to combine all of the dry ingredients into a smooth batter.
Chop 2 medium sized onions,One capsicum, a few sprigs of coriander leaves, add green chillies if you please( i didn't add here) - combine it all - adjust salt at this point.

There is no waiting time for this batter - just that you have wait for the oil to heat up to get them frying:)
Fry them in small portions - take them out as they brown and add in the other batch.
when the fried fritters cools up - just flatten it in your palm and drop it back into the oil to make it crispy. Drain out on a paper towel and serve. No one can eat just one..............
With a hot cuppa tea and these fritters in tow - watching the world go by from my kitchen window .....sums up just one thing - life goes on :)
My best friends Joanita n Lavita ( the twins) celebrate their birthday today........We met in college and the friendship continues to this day.Their presence in my life is way too precious to pen down in lines.Years have gone by - but they have been my constant strength , when I was crumbling at some point of time..... Happy Bday girls!! Hugs !Pic of Joan n me when we last met......Queen bee - I dont have a pic of yours ............miss u though :)

Happy am back to blogging !!