Monday, February 27, 2012

My Birthday Cake !

I made this cake and ate it too on 15th Feb :)) 

I have baked and decorated a lot of cakes for birthdays and other occasions.But , when it came to bake and decorate a cake for myself...that too for my birthday .....I was kinda feeling funny.
Daughters are a boon I must say.....they make it a point to remind us that we are as special:) ........So this cake also came from the push I got from her.
This is just a marble cake layered with Swiss meringue buttercream. Yumm is an understatement.This effort has only made me realise that there is fun having the cake and eating it too...... though it happens just once in a year or perhaps a lifetime :)

Mom n dad are here - so nice to have them around.I wish I could freeze all the memorable moments in life.
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  1. Hope you had a wonderful blast. Belated wishes for your birthday. cake looks fantastic

  2. Many Many happy returns of the day..Cake looks simply superb!!
    Erivum Puliyum

  3. The cake looks stunning! are the little flowers made of fondant?

  4. cake looks great and surely u put in a lot of effort....Happy Blated Bday too!!


  5. very beautiful n goregeous too and looking delicious..

  6. Another yummy yumm cake Vidhs. That's so nice..u baked one for yourself. I would have been so lazy. Belated Birthday wishes dear!!

  7. Been a while since I saw you posting... all okay??

  8. So cute made by you :) Very lovely :) dear! Nice to see ur blog.Happy to follow visit my blog once you are free Awaiting to hear your comments.Please follow me. Happy to be part of our baking team :)