Sunday, June 10, 2012

My New Home

 17th May 2012……………We moved out of the flat we lived for 5 years to another apartment within the city.
The decision to move was taken in a week’s time, so I barely had the time to sort or to pack. To suit my convenience I called in the movers who did the job for me. I watched in silence as the men picked each of our belongings to cartons………..and I made mental notes as to what should stay and what I should perhaps let go……That much for tangible stuff……………
What about memories?? Going back to Feb 2007, the day when the flat came into my hands – I was super excited about the extended space, the doors & windows, huge bathrooms ,huge kitchen with a view of buildings ,palm trees, the mountains and the sea in Fujairah ………….endless list of niceness!!
As the packers took out the last carton, it was my turn to lock the door. As I  closed that door with a click I left behind a whole load of emotions(excess baggage as I call it) which I didn’t want to carry with me ever !! 
Strange but true…. that’s exactly how I felt.
What followed from then on – was the chaos in the new place. The movers indeed put things in the right places , but eventually we have to reshuffle and see what fits where. One thing with shifting is that the phone/internet/tv – all 3 were disconnected and was requested for a shift to the new place.When you have them at home – we are at it all the time, the entire family stays technologically connected than otherwise.
Thanks to mobiles – we could still stay connected to people.
 Now, in our new home – almost everything has fallen into place – some fixtures which the maintenance guys had to do is finally through. We had our fair share of take away. Take away foods are pure bliss when you are too lazy to put a meal together. But when you are fed with that on a day to day basis, it is not an easy thing to take. After the initial 3 days – we picked up an induction cooker…………. I had never worked on this ……so that’s how I learnt that this stove needs something in steel or cast iron. I didn’t have many – but eventually I realized it is easy to put a meal together with just 2 utensils. All it takes is planning!
Yet, when kids came home from school to see a simple meal of rice, dal and stir fried beans …their expression told me volumes about the importance of home cooked food.

This change has done wonders to me personally. In that excitement I goofed up a tasty chocolate cake........My kids finish exams in 2 days ..........that brings 3 full months of summer vacation!

I realise that I have completed one full year of blogging........couldn't write a celebration post........
Well, the blog anniversary came with a new home.............I would cherish this for the moment and  as I enjoy the positive vibes I shall keep this space going! CHEERS !!!!


  1. Moving houses is simply bittersweet. You feel this twinge of sadness the moment you remember that you’ll be leaving for good. On the other hand, you also feel excited for all the new memories that are about to unfold as you move to your new place. Well, congratulations on your new place! Just keep on looking forward and cherish what’s left of your old home. ;)

    - Mica Blake

  2. that was packed with emotions.. emjoyed reading

  3. You have a very good memory. Making mental notes could be quite tricky, yet the mere act for the purpose of organization is smart. I’m glad you’re moving in to a bigger space. It would allow for more activities or more space for display or storage. Just keep on searching for the right place for everything. The house is all yours for the redecorating. Make it feel like a real home.

    Christian Traughber

  4. To paraphrase a quote from Shakespeare, “Moving is such a sweet sorrow…” I totally understand what you feel. Sometimes, it is difficult to leave things that you used to have, like your former flat. But once you are settled in your new place, you will find it in your heart to love it, and soon you will be attached to it like what happened with your old flat. In the meantime, enjoy redecorating and giving the space your personal touch to make you feel at home.

    -Selena Manchester

  5. Moving to a new home can both be exciting and anxious at the same time, Exciting because you will get to meet new people and have a new environment. It can be anxious because you will miss the friends you have made. However, moving is a way to widen your circle of friends. How are you and your family settling in your home?

    Ofelia Bertrand