Friday, July 6, 2012

ACHAPPAM - Rose Cookies

It's been a while that I blogged, though have been cooking all along. A break is good but when it gets too long ,it is all the more harder to get here I am...with Achappams!

This is a very traditional snack and am sure is a favorite in most households............ It is usually made out to be or I imagined a tough nut to crack......... So, I conveniently pick a pack off the shelf whenever we wanted  a bite. Yet, I had this lingering thought of attempting this some day.....and brought the achu ( moulds ) all the way during my last vacation. 
For over a year these achus have been lying idle in my kitty. My mom gave me her star mould, seasoned by use, the other is new which I had picked from a local store.
It is Ria's post on achappams that inspired me to go for it anyways. The ingredients and the method are same as hers.....just that the quantity differs slightly. Over to the recipe...........................
Step 1 - Wash and soak 3 cups of sona masoori rice for an hour , drain it and spread it to dry for about 45 minutes. Powder it fine in a mixer grinder and sieve it to get fine rice flour. Add 1 Cup maida or the all purpose flour to it.
Add 400 ml ( store bought) coconut milk  and mix it well and let the thick batter rest for 2 hours.  
Step 2 - Beat 4 eggs and add to the batter  and mix well.....(the recipe asks for 6 eggs ) add the 5th and 6th one by one -  this helps to adjust the consistency of the batter ( I got it right with 5 eggs). Add salt to taste  &  2 teaspoons each of black sesame seeds and Cumin seeds. Mix well...........
Step 3 - Dip the mould in hot oil ( just enough to have the batter stick to it ). Remove and dip the mould just 3/4th of it........and dip into hot oil....shake the mould gently ....the batter will take the shape of the mould and fall off easily...if it doesn't just slide it out with a poker or a sharp knife..fry until golden brown and place it on a paper towel to have the excess oil absorbed..Repeat the process.
 A heap of fried star achappams:)
I left the first batch as savoury.......... the rest of them I dusted with powdered sugar......
Golden crispy stars ready to grab.....Once cool , they should be stored in an air tight container...
Never thought it would be this easy, though it took full two hours of my time to complete frying.....I ignored the aching shoulders as we munched on these lovely star achappams.....


  1. Glad to see a post from you...Hope to see more..
    The acchappams are one of my favorites...Your star shaped ones look really cute and tempting

  2. Hello. I'm looking for one of these achappam moulds. Would you have the online address of the place you bought yours? I would appreciate it if you send me some details

    1. The Star mould is about 40 years old a family treasure passed down by my mother. The other i picked from a shop in Kannur ( very next to The New Store, if u are familiar with Kannur town that is)
      Thank u for visiting my space.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I'm in Britain so shall continue looking.