Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zucchini Stir Fry

I love Zucchini...........for many reasons, primarily the name sounds so classy :)) then its so easy to cook  or bake  and it tastes so good as well. And a stir fry for lunch is not just great but could be prepared in a wink.......its that easy...

I have used the variety of zucchini we get here ......wash and clean them thoroughly and cut off the ends.
Cut them up into even slices and thin it down further.
The next steps are all the same like we make the traditional Kerala style thoran as they call it.
Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, as they splutter add chopped onions/shallots with slit lengthwise green chilly  and curry leaves,Saute well.
Add turmeric powder, mix well and add the sliced zucchini. Saute on high flame..until the pieces are cooked yet crispy.... reduce heat and add salt..stir well and garnish with grated coconut... on high flame - toss it all together for a minute not more.....
I link this post to Priya's Veggie/Fruit a month event which is hosted by Vardini of for this month.

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