Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chicken Quesadillas

To be honest here - my knowledge of world cuisines is poor..though its been a fun learning experience when I moved abroad. Hubby dear makes it a point to try everything edible from our regular home food when eating out. So, I have eaten this years ago in a restaurant that caters to Mexican cuisine. This effort is towards my participation in the Mexican cuisine!
Julie started the event " FLAVORS OF CUISINES"-- a fantastic idea to cover cuisines of the world. Jannet  is the first host of the event with Mexican Cuisine and I link this post to 
The internet is a boon when it comes to finding the right information. I did my fair share of looking up videos on You tube just to be sure that my effort takes a right turn.Thanks to each one who has taken the pains to post those videos which are a learning tool to people like me.
So, coming to Chicken Quesadillas.....a brief description about Quesadillas as described on wiki..this is how I went about it..
First,picked up a pack of flour tortillas from the store and a pack of chicken breasts. Slice the chicken breasts and saute  the strips of chicken  with some salt,crushed pepper and chilli flakes. Do not overcook.
Warm up the tortillas on a pan. Place/spread on half the tortilla the chicken strips,sliced red onions,bell peppers and tomato. Top it with cheese( I have used Cheddar cheese here) garnish with some oregano & powdered cumin. Fold it over as if a half moon...and heat it up in  sandwich maker with the grill plates. The tortillas would get the brown stripes from the grill and the melting cheese enhances the aroma of the cumin and oregano. Serve hot with salsa or gaucamole.
I went easy on the spice here as kids don't prefer too much of it.The quesadillas just flew out of the kitchen ..leaving just these for the pics......:)

An Update :
Jannet did her Event round up on 3rd March 2013..and here I pin my participation award.