Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cream Horns

I once saw on a TV show  a Pastry chef  making these Cream Horns........ I watched the show with such wonder...perhaps at the revelation of how its made :) And here it is ...
Ever since the quest began for the moulds. I remember seeing it but never figured out what it was for. Finally,when I found them .......I had to make it delightfully.It's a boon to get puff pastry dough straight off the shelf.
Roll the dough in a rectangular shape, cut out in one inch strips. Brush the strip with cold water. Smear the cone with butter and wrap the strip from the tip - overlapping the layers till the end. Set aside and egg wash them.
I made a batch of 12  rolled in castor sugar after the egg wash. And the rest 12 plain. Set to bake at a temperature that works best for you. I have done it at 180C....
These cream horns are filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate sprinkles for the kids ,though I personally would love to have filled it with whipped cream.