Friday, February 15, 2013

French Macarons

French macaron...who doesn't love it? When you make them there are only two ways to it. You either get it right or you don't. There's nothing in between..the pic here is the result of my fifth attempt !! It is a great sense of accomplishment because I have been trying this since  Jan 2012..

Swathi  and me decided on the French Macarons for the Baking Partners Challenge 7. The choice of recipe was from Martha Stewart. Very simple ingredients and procedures .....the challenge was to get it right. Thanks to  every member of the group who  duly supported each other with kind words of support , tips and suggestions...even a pat on the back when you get it right. 
I have used the Honey buttercream filling here in one batch and the chocolate ganache in another batch.
I have learnt a few things in my trials..........................
1. Get the ingredients right in terms of quality,measurement and at room temperature.
2. Local temperature matters so does humidity etc.
3. Mixing the batter........hmmm.....the trick lies there - not to over do it or undermix it.
4. Every available literature on the internet makes it looks so easy......but reading them helps a great deal. Thanks to each one of them who took pains to document it.
5. Know your oven...........make a choice of temp that suits best for your baking needs,else an oven thermometer should come to your rescue.
6. Amazing patience levels helps too.
7.Invest in a good baking tray..Silpat looks great in every video......I must get one myself. I have learnt two layers of parchment paper stops browning.
8. The variety of fillings available for choice is amazing.....just have to master the art of blending them well.
9.Its true that macarons stored in an air tight container in the  refrigerator has an amazing,be patient.
10.Most of all every time you make macaron its a learning experience.

So much comes to my mind for the moment, will add on more when I indulge into future trials. I can assure you that no matter what there will no wastages - every macaron shell will get eaten up,it tastes that good! 
Thank you Baking Partners..Happy Macaroning!!


  1. lovely pink macaroons dear..............

  2. Gorgeous and so pretty. Well done dear!!

  3. I'm so happy they turned out for you! They look fantastic!!

  4. very good post n macarons looks appealing...

  5. You have become a true experienced professional to bake macarons,admire your patience to try it 5 times..This looks fab with the yummy color filling!!

  6. wow looks so pretty, i am sure it was all over after the click :) you said it right either done right else wrong... I still find mine bit flat... your looks so perfect Vid <3 it

  7. Ur macaroons look so perfect. Hard work surely pays

  8. Beautiful, despite all the troubles, I've learned a lot and also I've enjoyed the experience. Best regards from Spain.

  9. Thanks for all the tips...all i have done till now is read thru every possible lietrature on the web that I can find on making these beauties, Time to put it to action :-)

    Your macarons have come out perrrrrfecto!!


  10. Vidya, you perfectd in Macarons, thanks for recipe idea.

  11. You nailed it dear...Looks superb...Thanks for the recipe too...

  12. Perfect macarons n explained well...gr8 clicks too...

  13. 5th attempt,omg vidhya hats off, you have done a tremendous job..Your macarons are super prefect and beautiful.

  14. Your perseverance paid off, Vidhya! Your macs look perfect!
    Btw, thanks for choosing this theme! I really enjoyed making French Macarons for the first time!

  15. looks really lovely... :)

  16. Beautiful :) Its an amazing and fun :)

  17. You made the best looking macarons of anyone I think.