Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Liebster Award #2

This is my second Liebster Award. I humbly receive this award from Nayana who blogs at Nayanas Kitchen Kreations and has duly done her share of nominating me here. Thank You Nayana - happy you shared this with me.
Formalities first - here are the rules of the Award :
1. Write 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions posed to me by Nayana.
3. Prepare 11 questions to the bloggers you choose to pass on this award
4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers & mention them in the post
5. Inform the bloggers nominated by you not to miss out the person who nominated you in the first place.

Rule 1:- Write 11 facts about yourself.
  1. Strong exterior, but soft from within
  2. Friendly, lovable & Just
  3. Love to cook - baking & cake decoration came along the way. It's now its a passion.
  4. Able administrator & a Perfectionist
  5. I value my "ME" time and I simply love it.
  6. Values friendships and  Cherish relations
  7. Open hearted and helpful
  8. Straight forward but  blunt at times :( 
  9. Love Shoes
  10. I love to read and  though it's hard to find time for it I manage
  11. I am a food blogger but eat quite little :))
Rule 2:-Answer 11 questions posed to me by Nayana.

1. What is your idea of relaxation ?
My ME time , with a cup of coffee and a quiet corner at home.
2. What type of movies do you like ?
Soft romantic :)
3.Where would you like to go for the vacations ?
Coorg anyday ...but now no matter where we go, we ensure that kids enjoy it as much.
4.Which is the dish you like to eat the most ?
My Mom's Biriyani - there is magic in it :)
5.What quality of yours do you think is admired by your near and dear ones ?
Endurance ,I think .......lol 
6.Since when did you start cooking ?
After college, though I would collect recipes much before that.
7.What are your other passions ?
Reading, crafting, Footwear :)
8.What TV programmes do you like to watch?
Talk shows, Cookery shows,quiz programs, daily soaps( sometimes)
9.Is there any wish that is still unfulfilled and if yes what is it ?
Yes, to own a house in my name..
10.What quality of yours do you like and what quality of yours you dislike ?
Am a open hearted n  loveable person - and I hate my lousy temper..:(
11.What type of dishes are easiest for you and which are the hardest to prepare ?
I always choose a shortcut way to my cooking, hardest ones are a challenge and no hassles doing both. It all depends how prepared I am to give it a shot.

Rule 3:- Prepare 11 questions to the bloggers you choose to pass on this award 

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. You love to cook and have people over or do you prefer to buy food to entertain guests?
  3. What is that one magic ingredient you love when it comes to cooking?
  4. Who do you hold close to heart at all times?
  5. If you had one day to do all that you ever wanted to do , what would they be? 
  6. Which is your all time favorite- book? movie? tv show?
  7. What do you do when you are all alone ?
  8. what would you like to receive as gifts irrespective of the occasion?
  9. One effective tested and tried kitchen tip you would like to share with the world.
  10. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  11. Do you wish you could turn back the clock? If so , why?

Rule 4 :- Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers & mention them in the post
When I started blogging in May 2011 I was not sure I could do it ever. It used to be a lonely world and I always wondered if anyone read it all. Slowly day by day - comments started coming in, then made friends,the facebook groups happened - made some more friends and we are all today linked by a common factor which is " we are all foodies". And I have picked each one of them here because they have visited my page and dropped a comment - girls ! I can't tell you how encouraging every comment from you means to me..thank you with all my heart.
Liebster award I beleive is to encourage fellow bloggers - so keep going,You are and will always be the captain of the ship.
1. Chitra  - Indulge
2. Vidya - Akshaypatre Recipes
3. Rafeeda - The Big Sweet Tooth
4. Anusha - Tomato Blues
5. Pinky - Pinks Recipe Diary
6. Sebeena - Mom and Chefs Hat
7. Linsy - Home Cook Food
8. Nisha - Spusht -{ Nisha says that she would like me pass this award to someone else as she does not add award logos or award related posts on her blog..look up her space, I like her precise writing.} So, I pass this on to :
Ruxana Gafoor -  From My Own Kitchen.
9. Amrita - Sweet 'n' Savory
10. Humi - Gheza-e-shiriin
11.Jeya - My Style of Recipes

Rule 5:-Inform the bloggers nominated by you not to miss out the person who nominated you in the first place.
Here I go , will drop a comment on each of these 11 bloggers space. Nayana, your space too...
Do drop by the others spaces, have a look and offer a word of encouragement. It does make a difference ,trust me:)
 I have a small request, just drop a line at my comment space - just to be sure all 11 of you got it , thanks!


  1. hey thanks a lot dear... i'l definitely look into this, i already have two pending to reply to... yes, the jodhpuri chicken was amazing, i'l be posting the recipe soon, definitely with due credit to u... :)

  2. thanks for sharing and congrats for receiving.

  3. Hi Vidhya, humble thanks for the award and the comment! :)
    But honestly, I never add any award logos or include any award-related posts on my blog, so please give it to someone else who will be able to carry it forward.

    Thanks again!

  4. Congrats on your award. Thank you so much for sharing this award with me.

  5. Congratulations Vidhya on your award.

  6. Vidhya kind request to give some other blogger the award as I never display awards on my blog. I really like your blog and always wait for your posts
    Tc ,

  7. Congrats Vidhya :) And thanks for nominating me :)

  8. Congrats on your award. Wishing more to come.

  9. have answered your questions... :)

  10. thanks for sharing....happy to follow you....

  11. Have answered ur questions dear :)

  12. Congrats on ur award Vidhya..happy to bake along with you.

  13. Hi! You have a nice blog with amazing clicks . I have just started following you and it would be highly encouraging if you may visit/follow me back.

  14. Congrats.....nalla nalla awardugal poratee endee sugarthee nigalkuu.. Good going VV

  15. Thanx Vidya, My 1st award :)